2. maptitude1:

    This map, by Nikolas Schiller, shows the native language families of North America



  4. ieatedthepurpleone:

    North American English Dialects, Based on Pronunciation Patterns


  5. murphylegion:

    Map of linguistic stocks of American Indians.

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  6. businessinsider:

    This is what North America would look like if all of the ice on earth melted.  See what would happen to the other continents here.

    (Photo: National Geographic) 


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    Map of North American Pokemon routes! :P

    From reddit.com


  8. (Source: thegeographia)



  10. mapsontheweb:

    Ottoman Map of North America


    A cool Ottoman map of North America I picked up in Istanbul. I thought “English America” - written on the map in Ottoman - was just a funny phrase the mapmakers had come up with until I talked to a Canadian friend who offered the following explanation: http://www.midafternoonmap.com/2013/10/english-america.html

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